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Practice Policies


Eyeglass lenses are custom made devices and non-refundable, but we will be happy to attempt to correct any problems you may experience. Contact lens returns have different policies based on the type of lens you wear and condition of the packaging. When in doubt, do not write “left” or “right” on your contact lens boxes. Instead, use a sticker or other removable identifier for lenses. Contact lenses may be returned within 30 days of purchase when the box is not opened. If you are unsatisfied with your open boxes, please reach out to the contact lens manufacturer. Many companies have their own patient satisfaction policies and prefer to deal directly with the patient.

RGP contact lenses may be returned or refitted within 90 days of purchase. Our main RGP lens supplier offers 2 warranty types:

  • Guaranteed Fit Warranty: Lenses may be refit, returned, or canceled up to 2x within 90 days.
  • No risk Warranty: Lenses may be refit, returned, or canceled an unlimited number of times in 90 days.


For prescriptions written by other doctors: Eyeglass lenses will be remade one time at no charge if the prescribing doctor provides a new prescription in writing within 60 days of dispensing. Rx changes after one free remake or after 60 days will be charged the usual lens price.

For prescriptions by doctors at Fort Morgan Eye Care: An office visit to recheck the prescription will be provided and new lenses may be remade one time at no charge within 60 days of dispensing. Recheck visits after 60 days will be charged a $47 refraction fee.

If a Fort Morgan Eye Care prescription is filled elsewhere, we will provide a prescription recheck visit within 60 days. If a change in prescription is needed, we will not be responsible for any charges incurred at another store. Most reputable optical dispensaries allow limited doctor Rx changes at no charge, but this is up to the patient to inquire about such policies in advance of purchase.

For a prescription filled elsewhere, our office will not perform the following services: PD measurements, seg height measurements or adjustments to frame or lenses.

Progressive lens non-adapt policy: Progressive addition lenses (also called invisible or no-line bifocal) have a slight optical distortion in the outer portions of the lens, which can make some objects appear bowed or curved, or can cause a feeling of motion when the head is turned. The reading zone of progressive lenses is wide enough for most purposes, but it may appear narrower than other bifocal styles. While most people are not bothered by these characteristics, some will find it unacceptable even after the one-to-two-week adaptation period. If you cannot adapt to the progressive addition lenses, we will make new lenses in any other design that you wish within 60 days of dispensing, at no charge. Because the original lenses are a custom prescription item, there are no refunds of the difference in cost if the remade pair is of lesser value.


Frame warranties: Most of our vendors offer a 1-year limited frame warranty, typically against manufacturer defects only. Does not include loss of negligence.

Lens warranties: Lenses made with scratch resistant coatings have a 1 year, 1 time replacement warranty. This does not include loss or negligence.


It may be necessary to send your frame to the lab to create new lenses for that frame depending on lens design/frame details.

We cannot be responsible for breakage when we reuse a patient’s frame to manufacture and insert new lenses. We will use the utmost care if we accept a patient’s frame, but in a small percentage of cases the frame parts or material will be worn or brittle to the point that it will not support a new lens.

Older frames are usually discontinued by the manufacturer and replacement parts are generally not available. Putting new lenses into an old frame may create a pair of glasses that cannot be repaired later.

If a patient’s frame breaks during our handling, the purchase of a new frame is at the patient’s expense. We may have to discard the first pair of lenses made for the original frame, but no additional charge will be assessed for lenses.


Orders with mirrors, custom sun clips, glass lenses, or special edging or bevels typically take longer than our routine orders. You should expect a turnaround time of 3-6 weeks.


Professional fees, such as payments for exam fees or contact lens fitting fees, represent payments for services that were rendered (even if not successful) and are not refundable.


If an appointment is canceled without proper notice (24 hours) or you do not show up for your appointment on more than one occasion, you may be charged a $35.00 fee.

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